Concert tours

Concert tours

The major tours, usually in support of new albums, from 1973 and onward. Includes Darkness Tour, Born in the USA Tour, etc.
Early bands

Early bands

Before Bruce Springsteen got a record deal, he formed and disbanded numerous bands, as well as performed solo. Includes Castiles, Steel Mill, etc.
Tributes and benefits

Tributes & benefits

 Like other artists, Bruce is a frequent participant in benefits and celebrations. Includes Christic shows, 9/11 benefits, etc.
Unannounced gigs

Unannounced gigs

 Bruce has a history of joining other bands unexpected and unannounced in everything from bars and streets to stadiums. Includes Stone Pony gigs.
TV, radio & web

TV, radio & web

 List of Bruce's performances that were done specifically for television, radio and web. Includes Saturday Night Live, David Letterman, etc.

Latest eyewitness accounts

Patrick Mahoney writes about 1974-10-11, Gaithersburg
Same as most, first time seeing him, had me sold wearing "Chuck' Taylors". I looked at my brother and said "'s for real".
Harvey Kojan writes about 1977-02-07, Albany
First Bruce show for me as well. I was lucky enough to be sitting in the front row (my roommate worked for Just A Song, a local record store and a Ticketron outlet, so he was "first in line" when tickets went on sale). When Bruce jumped from the stage to the (raised) orchestra pit and into the crowd, he stood directly in front of me when he did "Spirit In The Night". Incredible.
daniel faure writes about 1988-07-14, Basel
I was at this show, we drove from Le Havre, France overnight, seeing all the fireworks away on the side of the road because it was the night of 14th of July, Bastille Day, then we slept in the car in the stadium parking lot until the gates opened.
I remember the Italian fans, way more intense than us French, the show was unbelievable, the last tour where you felt each show was a triathlon, following the BITUSA tour, it was my 3rd Bruce show after La Courneuve in 85 and Vincennes that same year, I was 24, Bruce has never been so wild since this tour, I feel lucky to have been able to witness these years.
Brian Broekhuizen writes about 1996-09-24, Kalamazoo
I attended this show back in 96. So good. Wondering if anyone out there also attended and still has ticket stubs or any other memorabilia?
Or just memories to share. Bruce wanted this to be a quieter, low key performance, and I remember at one point in the show someone yelled "happy birthday Bruce!" to which Bruce responded, "aw shut the fuck up!" He laughed and we all had a good chuckle. What a guy.
Mike Combes writes about 1976-04-04, East Lansing
This was my first Bruce concert ever and it is a concert experience I will never forget. The first time I had ever heard a Springsteen song was the night before when a guy in my dorm let me borrow Born to Run. I was not initially impressed, but still decided to go to the show. The songs that didn't mean anything to me on the record came to life during his live performance. I had never seen a performer connect with the audience like this before. I was a Bruce fan forever. My favorite song of the night was actually a cover of the Animals "It's My Life". Bruce the storyteller told of playing his guitar in his bedroom as his father yelled at him to keep the noise down. Interesting tidbit, I had a friend who was an usher for the show and he was there during the soundcheck and Bruce played "Incident on 57th Street.

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