Concert tours

Concert tours

The major tours, usually in support of new albums, from 1973 and onward. Includes Darkness Tour, Born in the USA Tour, etc.
Early bands

Early bands

Before Bruce Springsteen got a record deal, he formed and disbanded numerous bands, as well as performed solo. Includes Castiles, Steel Mill, etc.
Tributes and benefits

Tributes & benefits

 Like other artists, Bruce is a frequent participant in benefits and celebrations. Includes Christic shows, 9/11 benefits, etc.
Unannounced gigs

Unannounced gigs

 Bruce has a history of joining other bands unexpected and unannounced in everything from bars and streets to stadiums. Includes Stone Pony gigs.
TV, radio & web

TV, radio & web

 List of Bruce's performances that were done specifically for television, radio and web. Includes Saturday Night Live, David Letterman, etc.

Latest eyewitness accounts

Larry Coon writes about 1969-12-31, Asbury Park
Not an eyewitness account -- just a question. Isn't this the date Bruce talks about in his book on which he played his first west coast gig in Big Sur? According to the book it was a New Years Eve show, preceding the Steel Mill shows at the Matrix, the only show that Tinker had booked before leaving NJ, and for which they had three days to drive across the country?
Joey writes about 2016-04-07, kansas city
Got a hug from Bruce during tenth avenue! great night <3
AussieJohn writes about 2017-02-16, Brisbane
My favourite of the tour. A great venue with a real happy vibe out in the sticks away from Brisbane.
Some real gems from the band with Jole Blon, American Skin, Roll of the dice and a duet on Growin up being the high points.
AussieJohn writes about 2017-02-11, Mount Macedon
What a great place for a concert, just spectacular.It was difficult to take a seat at this concert after the last 2 experiences in the pit but this was a great night right from the get go with a solo The Promised Land beginning the show and a solo Thunder road finishing with plenty of E Street in-between . I don't know how but they just keep sounding better each time and it shows with their smiles on stage, a very happy band.
AussieJohn writes about 2017-02-02, Melbourne
My first roll call, discovered it by accident, what a lucky break. Have made some amazing Bruce friends since. A very enthusiastic pit was counting their blessings seeing the E street band back in town so soon after the last tour. I think they are getting to know how much we love them.New York City Serenade with strings and Long walk home were highlights for me.

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