10 wishes for the new Bruce year

Published 2018-01-01
By Karsten S. Andersen
2017 was a paradoxical year in Bruce history. If you look at the number of shows performed (74 altogether, not counting surprise appearances), you would think it would be one to remember. And if you live in Australia or New Zealand, or if you were one of the lucky few fans who experienced “Springsteen on Broadway”, it probably was. And no disrespect to Australians, New Zealanders, and Broadway attendees, but for most of us, 2017 was the dullest year in recent memory when it.... Read more

Welcome to the new Greasy Lake

Published 2017-07-03
By Karsten Stanley Andersen
The new version of Greasy Lake is mainly a design change. Most of the content is the same, although a lot of it has now finally caught up with the times, just as I believe things are better organized and easier to use. The most important changes include: A new, flatter structure requiring fewer clicks before you get to what you want A design that works better on smartphones and tablets What was known as MyPage is now called MyBruce (I know, pretty dumb, but the best I could come up.... Read more

The big heart of Little Steven on full display

Published 2017-07-02
By Karsten Stanley Andersen
Everything that dies someday comes back. The words certainly ring true for the recent resurrection of Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul, a band that until recently seemed long lost to history. Little Steven himself had long ago moved on to other activities that should be well known to all readers of this page. Nothing indicated a return to the role of pirate-dressed band-leader.And yet, there he is on stage in Amager Bio, Copenhagen, a former movie theater turned into rock venue.... Read more

Born to Play

Published 2017-03-13
By Alexander Bisley
“I had no idea he [Springsteen] was such a thoughtful reader”, The LA Times books editor once said. The Boss brings literary chops to his frank autobiography Born to Run, with influencesincluding John Steinbeck and Richard Ford.  The blood, sweat and tears that make its unghosted 508 pages compelling are similarly vibrant seeing Springsteen and the E Street Band at New Zealand’s Mount Smart Stadium.  “Democracy in rock bands, with very few exceptions, is.... Read more

Born to Run book generously delivers new insight and perspective

Published 2016-12-30
By Karsten Stanley Andersen
I was ecstatic when it was first announced that Bruce was going to publish his autobiography. This was like a holy grail. Well, another holy grail (there are a few box sets that qualify too).After reading it, I’m still ecstatic, but not for the reasons I thought I’d be. What I had been looking forward to was to have all the blanks filled in. Reasons for Bruce’s decisions and career moves, inside scoops, what really happened when the E Street Band broke up… All of that..... Read more

Greasy Lake reviews: The Ties that Bind - The River Collection

Published 2016-01-24
By Karsten Stanley Andersen
The Ties that Bind – The River Collection is the third anniversary box set celebrating a classic Bruce Springsteen album. And once again, the template that was laid out and expanded on with the Born to Run and Darkness box sets respectively, is followed and perfected with this ambitious release: the album itself in a remastered version; a documentary casting light on how the album came to be; a grab bag of outtakes and alternate versions; a photo and notebook; and.... Read more

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band 1975

Published 2015-12-06
By Ronan O'Shea
Some interesting things happened in 1975: Maggie Thatcher began the long road to her reign of terror by becoming the leader of the Conservative party, West Ham won the FA Cup despite being shit, and the British voted to remain in the EEC (now EU). Okay, so, NOT A LOT HAPPENED IN 1975. Caps locks didn't even exist. Good thing Bruce Springsteen and his band of merry men (otherwise known as the E Street Band) were around to make things interesting. 1975 is the year of Springsteen's breakout LP,.... Read more

Nils keeps himself busy with new live album

Published 2015-11-08
By Karsten Stanley Andersen
While in the last couple of years Bruce has been more visible on the equestrian scene watching his daughter become a star in her own right, than on the music scene, his trusty band members have taken the opportunity to further their solo careers. Roy Bittan released his first solo album; so did sax player Ed Manion; Jake Clemons toured people’s living rooms; and even Garry Tallent is working on his own album.And then there’s Nils Lofgren. First he released a monumental retrospective.... Read more

The Bruce Librarian interviews Wendy Parnell

Published 2015-08-23
By Karsten Stanley Andersen
A couple of weeks ago the Bruce Librarian reviewed the new picture book “Born to Run: the Story of Johnny 99” by Wendy Parnell. After the review, Greasy Lake sent some questions to the author to learn more about her and her relationship with Springsteen. And if you thought Wendy Parnell was just another clever opportunist trying to make a little money on Springsteen's name, you're wrong. As the interview reveals, she is one of us. In fact, while we're all great fans of Bruce,.... Read more

The Bruce Librarian: Bruce picture books steal the picture

Published 2015-08-09
By Karsten Stanley Andersen
There are probably, on average, 3-4 books published about, or based on, Bruce Springsteen within the span of a year, so if two of those books are picture books inspired by Springsteen lyrics, can we call it a trend? Because that’s exactly what is happening. With the publication of first "Outlaw Pete" from the fall of 2014 and this month "Born to Run: the Story of Johnny 99". the Springsteen bibliography now includes two books that a library might put in the same.... Read more

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