Big Man turns 60

Published 2002-01-09
By Karsten S. Andersen
On January 11 the E Street saxophonist Clarence Clemons will turn the 60-year mark. A big Happy Birthday to the Big Man from Greasy Lake. We hope he has a few more tours in.... Read more

Bruce on Johnny Cash tribute

Published 2002-01-09
By Karsten S. Andersen
According to Billboard, Bruce will contribute to an upcoming Johnny Cash tribute album to be released in May. Johnny Cash, who will turn 70 in February, will apart from Springsteen be honored by artists such as Sheryl Crow, Shelby Lynne and Steve.... Read more

Welcome to a new year with Greasy Lake

Published 2002-01-01
By Karsten S. Andersen
2001 came and went without a new studio album from Bruce, but we did get a new great live album and DVD plus the highest number of non-tour performances since 1989. What will happen in 2002 is anybody's guess. No new studio album is in the horizon, but that could change fast. We must assume it has a very high priority in Bruce's camp after more than six year with no new material. But even though Bruce is laying relatively low, Greasy Lake will continue to keep you up to date with the news and.... Read more

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