"Life Itself" available to the public

Published 2008-12-29
By Karsten S. Andersen
To those of you lucky enough to live in the US or the UK, you can download an mp3 of yet another song from the Working on a Dream album. This time it's "Life Itself", and it's available from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk for free. The rest of us have to rely on unofficial sources. Once again, the stupidity of the music business becomes apparent. Do they really think that fans of an artist will just accept they can't get a brand new song by their idol just because they live in the wrong.... Read more

Bruce played for Hope

Published 2008-12-23
By Karsten S. Andersen
Bruce got tired of Christmas preparations last night and headed to the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank to play some music with some old friends. The occassion was billed as Hope Concert IV and benefitted the Parker Family Health Center. Bobby Bandiera and band, including a horn section, did the backing while Jon Bon Jovi, Gary US Bonds, Southside Johnny, and, for the last six songs, Bruce rocked the house with various Christmas standards and whatever else came to their minds. Bruce was.... Read more

Greatest Wal-Mart Hits on January 13

Published 2008-12-21
By Karsten S. Andersen
Speaking of the unthinkable (see previous post): looks like Bruce will release a new Greatest Hits album through Wal-Mart exclusively. No, we're not kidding. Check it out for yourself. The album will only be available through Wal-Mart's online store and will only ship to addresses within the United States. As you can tell from the tracklist, it won't contain any previously unreleased material, but still... this is just wrong. That is, except for the cover. If the Working on a Dream cover isn't.... Read more

Buy a Harley... Bruce's Harley

Published 2008-12-16
By Karsten S. Andersen
Still have some money left after the grand Greasy Lake charity auction recently? Well, how about checking out another auction? Currently a Harley-Davidson motorcycle owned by none other than our hero can be purchased for a mere $27,500. That price may not stand when the auction ends in three weeks' time, but it's all for a good cause. The money will go to something called the Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming U.S. public education.... Read more

Song samples... now you see them, now you don't

Published 2008-12-15
By Karsten S. Andersen
Yesterday Amazon.co.uk published 30-second samples of all the songs on the new album, but as of right now they seem to have disappeared again. Possibly because within hours the samples had spread to places like YouTube and and Megaupload. Or because they weren't supposed be published in the first place. But the cat is out of the bag and thousands of fans got to listen to the snippets. They were able to hear that the description that was recently posted on this page wasn't too far from the.... Read more

Could it really be true this time?

Published 2008-12-14
By Karsten S. Andersen
They seem to pop up every single year. The rumors. The rumors that Bruce will perform at the Glastonbury Festival in the UK. They were strong last year, but weren't based on reality. This year they are even stronger, and according to at least one British TV channel it's just a matter of days before it will be officially announced that Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band will headline the 2009 version of one of the largest music festivals in the world.Several things speak for it this.... Read more

Album cover or bad joke?

Published 2008-12-08
By Karsten S. Andersen
The below picture that is allegedly showing the cover art for the Working on a Dream album has appeared on the official Bruce site, brucespringsteen.net. It doesn't say specifically that it's the cover art, but under normal circumstances you would assume so. But really, could this really be it? It has prompted a collective "you have got to be kidding me!" on various message boards, andI must admit that even though I  can find something positive in almost anything Bruce does,.... Read more

Songs from new album trickling out

Published 2008-12-01
By Karsten S. Andersen
In the last several days no less than three songs from the Working on a Dream album have been made available to the public. Two of them as both audio and video. First, the title track is available via iTunes for free through December 9. Also, a video of the song can be seen on some Swiss news magazine website. Next, one of the bonus tracks, "The Wrestler" (which at the moment looks like it will be the only bonus track) is featured in the trailer of the movie of the same name. The.... Read more

New album is "patchy"

Published 2008-11-30
By Karsten S. Andersen
An anonymous person has sent us a song-by-song description of the Working on a Dream album. How he got to listen to the album or if he's even trustworthy, I will leave for each of you individually to judge. But it sounds plausible, and I have personally no reason to think it's not true. There are probably lots of tentative copies out there with Sony executives, marketing people, and others. Time will tell how much truth there is to this, but here goes:Track list:1. Outlaw.... Read more

Listen to "Workin' on a Dream"

Published 2008-11-21
By Karsten S. Andersen
As of today you can listen to streaming audio of the song "Workin' on a Dream" on at least two music sites: Q1043 and something called iheartmusic.com. The latter unfortunately is only available from within the US. Reactions to the song are as always mixed, but there's no doubt fans are a tad more skeptical this time around than was the case when "Radio Nowhere" was first heard in the fall of 2007. At the same time, a poster on the Backstreets message board, BTX, has.... Read more

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