Alta writes: Thank you for this really wonderful review. It made me feel as if I have been there.
Hans Perthou writes: Thank you for sharing.. absolutely spot on..fantastic. Thanks for a wonderfull trip and, offcourse wee wil be were the band is next summer...
Take care friend.. Cheers
Magnus writes: Wonderful review that makes sense of an epic night. But forget the setlist surprises for a second - what really made the show so memorable for me was the audience.
Peter Axelsen writes: Very spot on - incredibly well written. What a night and what a weekend.
Big thanks to you and Hans for being who you are and for being where you were sharing these dreams with me. Another life affirming roadtrip that sparks so many emotions and brings so much joy. Not only for one night but for many many days and nights to come.
Ken writes: Beautiful piece of writing. Thank you.
Tommy Beck Kobberoe writes: I totally agree. I've "only" seen 12 concerts since '88, including 2 fantastic shows in Berlin in '99 - the venue counted for a lot of the "fantasticness". But yesterday even my least live favourite "Hungry Heart" sounded great. And yes, the audience was great. Unfortunately I had seats all the way back, with lots of beer-, pee- and smoke runs, but it couldn't spoil this out-of-this-world experience.
Kay writes: Wow, brilliant review.. you brought tears to my eyes at the end of it. Lucky you were there x
deedee writes: Thanks for a great review.

At Fridays show I was moved to tears during My City of Ruins and Drive All Night for the second and third time at a concert ever. The first time? Incident in Gothenburg back in 2005. It has never happend to me at any show ever since. I thought it would never happen again and regardless of my high expectations on Saturday, I was completely blown away (even by Bruce standards). The shown on Saturday was my tenth Bruce show in as many years. And I cannot compare with any other show. It was the best. I was lost in the flood of tears during Jungleland. The best fucking performance I've ever witnessed. Big man's legacy is in good hands. I felt like he and Danny was watching and laughing. Like Bruce said; "If you're here, and we're here.. They're here."

Insane show, how can they top this one? I'm afraid that's impossible. It was PERFECT. Everything from Bruce's order to Nils to keep the BTN solo going and Steve's confusion (he and some of the band went into the chorus and Steve never found his way back:)), to the Backstreets intro, the kid singing Waitin'.. Where to start, where to end.. Completely blown away - two days afterwards..

dave whittaker writes: great letter . great experiance . i too seen bruce for the first time in 88 and many times since , been to manchester and dublin this year took my daughter too dublin for her first bruce gig felt i needed her to experiance a bruce show . the recent shows are full of passion and great memories for clarence and danny . may the band go on and on . what a showman and what a band . bruce clearly enjoys comin back to see us time and time again .
gwto writes: WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST BOBBY JE...I'm just kidding. :-) A wonderful read.
sue writes: Brilliant and poetic description. Thank you.
Laura writes: simply thanks. I'm feeling just like I was there. and I was there, although I wasn't. I'm sure you'll understand. thanks again.
theboss411 writes: outstanding review. I feel as though I attended the show.
Hans Runbalk writes: Thank you, I was there too and I couldn´t agree more. It was EPIC and even ranks it as one of the best ever, if not the best.
MotoCycleBoi writes: Great review. After Frankie was played and the reception it got from the crowd and the crowds appreciation for Big man Bruce held nothing back and there was so much love to and from the stage. That's what made this night so unforgettable.
daniel writes: sounds amazing
Ted writes: Let us all wish 4 a live-DVD from Ullevi!
Eva Klintell writes: Well written!

There are no words to describe the feelings running through the arena Saturday night but you sure came close to it. I still have a good feeling in my body, a smile in my face and tears in my eyes. I will never forget this night and I will forever have the picture of Jake raising his saxophone to the sky in memory

It was truly magic!!
Spanish Johnny writes: And to think I chose to go to friday night's concert instead `cause I thought it was going to rain on saturday night... Damn it! But friday night was also great, with a stunning "Drive All Night" and great versions of "Cover Me" and "Something in the Night"
Marianne Riltoft writes: I was there! Your review gives a very good impression of how it really was. Magical! It was my greatest Bruce experience since Ullevi -85 (the Stadium Breaker Show), and it even surpassed that experience. This show had an amazing, emotional depth which will fill my heart for a very long time. Thank you for your beautiful review.
Rene Rasmussen writes: Thank you for your wonderful review! It was truly a magical night I will never forget. My 25th Bruce show and the best since ´88 :-)