By Karsten Stanley Andersen

Welcome to the new Greasy Lake

Published 2017-07-03
After six years with the same look, it’s finally time for something new to happen. So, here it is: the brand new and updated Greasy Lake website.

The new version of Greasy Lake is mainly a design change. Most of the content is the same, although a lot of it has now finally caught up with the times, just as I believe things are better organized and easier to use.

The most important changes include:

  • A new, flatter structure requiring fewer clicks before you get to what you want
  • A design that works better on smartphones and tablets
  • What was known as MyPage is now called MyBruce (I know, pretty dumb, but the best I could come up with)
  • In MyBruce you can now add a list of the official releases you own, and you are not only limited to adding items from Greasy Lake’s discography, but you can create your own entries for your collection of rare singles or cassette tapes or whatever you want – entries that others will also have access to add to their lists.
  • Better integration between the “main site” and our message board.

With these and many other changes it is unavoidable that not everything is working perfectly from day one. I apologize in advance for any errors you may come across and ask you to possibly report them as you find them.

It’s no secret that a website such as Greasy Lake has become a little bit of an anachronism in the ages of Facebook and Twitter. But stubborn as I am, I believe there is still a place on the internet for custom-made in-depth information for those of us to whom a tweet or Facebook post just isn’t enough. (Not that there is anything wrong with those. As some of you will know, Greasy Lake’s Twitter account is unavoidable for tweeting Springsteen fans.)

A new website design is a good opportunity for a new beginning altogether. It is also no secret that in the last several years, updates have been fewer and farther between. Time just hasn’t permitted the same kind of furious creation of content that took place 5-10 years ago. Plus, the aforementioned new social media have covered the need for instant gratification much better than Greasy Lake ever could.

But even an in-depth Bruce Springsteen site requires pretty regular updates in order to stay relevant, and that hasn’t happened and is not likely to happen without some kind of change. In other words, I need help.

That’s why I will also use this opportunity to call out to those of you out there who would be interested in contributing your time and skills to once again make Greasy Lake a primary source for all Springsteen knowledge. It doesn’t matter if you want to write articles, maintain the bibliography, create new trivia quizzes… or maybe add something that doesn’t even exist on Greasy Lake yet. No matter what, I’m interested in hearing from you so we can talk about it.

It should be said, of course, that all contributions will be on a voluntary basis with no pay.

So, once again, welcome to the new Greasy Lake. We are now 20 years burnin’ down the road and, like Bruce’s career, with no end in sight.

Happy swimming!

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