By Karsten S. Andersen

Contest winner found!

Published 2013-04-16

Better late than never. We have finally drawn the winner of a copy of "Bruce Springsteen and the Promise of Rock 'n' Roll", and the winner is Tom Messenger! Congratulations to him.

Tom correctly answered that Marc Dolan refers to "Working on a Dream" as "god-awful" in the new chapter of his book. Yes, it was a hard question, and you just had to make your best guess. However, most of you did pick "Working on a Dream". After all, of the three options, it is probably the least popular song among fans. Both "Jack of All Trades" and "Rocky Ground" have been met with much more praise than the oddly simplistic and light-weight title track of the Working on a Dream album. Apparently, Marc Dolan was in line with the general attitude of the Bruce community, although some of us have trouble referring to any Bruce songs as "god-awful".

Anyway, Tom has been notified and will receive his book as soon as possible. Thank you, everyone who participated.

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