By Karsten S. Andersen

"Springsteen & I" coming to theaters near you

Published 2013-06-07

No, it's neither Bruce Springsteen himself nor yours truly who will show up in your local movie theater. It's the movie called "Springsteen & I" that was announced a few months ago and that features nothing but Bruce fans talking about their idol and what he's meant to them. Many of the people who participate were recruited through fan communities such as this one, and altogether, "Springsteen & I" is a movie for fans by fans, but with some seriously wonderful editing as the below trailer will prove.

"Springsteen & I" is now only about six weeks from getting its first public showings in movie theaters all over the world. And unlike most of Bruce's own world tours, this movie will actually appear on more than two continents. Australia, South Africa, and Russia are among the many countries where you will be able to attend a screening. It all happens on July 22, and tickets for most countries are on sale now. However, tickets for US theaters won't be released until Friday, June 14.

You can find out if you live in or near one of the lucky towns where "Springsteen & I" is scheduled to be played by visiting the official movie website

Along with the ticket announcement today came the official movie poster that includes more than 350 images of Bruce fans holding up their favorite album. An interactive version of the poster can be found through this link, but you can also see a few samples right here:





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