By Karsten S. Andersen

Those bloody hippies and their hippie music

Published 2012-07-15

You would think it was 1967 and not 2012 when the police cut the sound of Bruce's show at the Hard Rock festival in Hyde Park last night. The show had run 30 minutes past the curfew, which to Bruce is standard procedure, but in London rules are rules. "Twist and Shout" had just ended. Paul McCartney had been on stage for it, joining Bruce for the first time ever in an intercontinental summit of rock 'n' roll legends. But even the presence of perhaps Britain's biggest rock star wasn't enough to make the London police show a little sense of propriety. The plug was pulled before Bruce could even say "thank you" and "good night", let alone play "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out", which was probably still left on the agenda.

And so a show that had the potential to be one for the ages just sort of fizzled out into the London evening sky. Sure, it will still be remembered, but maybe not entirely for the reasons that everybody thought when Paul McCartney joined the E Street Band six songs into the encores and duetted with Bruce on "I Saw Her Standing There".

Steve Van Zandt for one didn't take it lightly to be interrupted during that historical moment. His tweets after the show leaves nothing to your imagination when describing how he - and probably the rest of the band - felt. However, once the anger has settled, I'd be surprised if Bruce and Steve won't have a good laugh and reminisce about the times when these things last happened, oh, about 40 years ago when the Asbury Park police were more than happy to get an opportunity to shut up the local hippies' intolerable noise.

Well, this wasn't Asbury Park, it wasn't the Sixties, and the people on stage weren't hippies, but two of the world's biggest celebrities. Which to those of us who weren't present and weren't victims of this coitus interruptus only makes it easier to laugh at. One thing is certain: there won't be another official Hyde Park DVD. There probably also won't be another Hyde Park show, but to most UK fans that's not a great loss. Especially after this.

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