The Bruce Springsteen Timeline

November 6 2001

The Live in New York City DVD is released.

July 30 2002

The Rising is released in most of the world. On the same day Bruce and the band can be seen live on the Today Show, which has moved its studio to the beach in Asbury Park. They perform live at the Convention Hall in front of an audience of contest winners and are interviewed by anchor Katie Couric as part of an unprecedented marketing blitz. In the following days and weeks Bruce is all over the television screen giving several interviews and performing his new songs.

November 11 2003

The Essential Bruce Springsteen is released. It includes a bonus disc with, for the most part, previously unreleased material.

November 18 2003

The Live in Barcelona DVD is released. This is the first complete Bruce Springsteen concert ever released in any format.

April 26 2005

Devils & Dust is released worldwide to mostly critical acclaim.

November 15 2005

After months of rumors and speculations the Born to Run 30th Anniversary edition is released. Apart from the remastered album it contains a complete show on DVD from London in 1975.

April 25 2006

Just as everybody was expecting new E Street Band activity, Bruce surprises everyone by releasing an album recorded over three days with nothing but old folk songs that Pete Seeger made famous. The Seeger Sessions as the album is called, divides the fans, but receives generally good reviews.

October 1-2 2007

The Magic album is released worldwide. Recorded with the E Street Band in Atlanta at producer Brendan O'Brien's studio, the album is a mostly hard-rocking response to the political climate of the United States under George W. Bush.

January 13 2009

Before the launch of Working on a Dream, Bruce just has time to put out a new Greatest Hits album as an exclusive Wal-Mart release. The album, timed to coincide with Bruce and the E Street Band's SuperBowl halftime performance, is met with a huge backlash from fans, who feel Wal-Mart's business style goes against everything Bruce stands for. Bruce later admits the release was a mistake.

January 26-27 2009

The Working on a Dream album is released worldwide to mostly positive reviews, but very mixed fan reactions.