The Bruce Springsteen Timeline

August 6 1974

The "number one pop song of all time" (according to a BBC Radio One poll in 1995), "Born to Run", is recorded. Or at least, on this date some of the tracks are put down. The recording of the song probably stretched over several days.

January 28 1985

"Dancing in the Dark" wins Bruce his first Grammy Award for best pop/rock single, but he is not in attendance himself.

February 28 1985

Bruce wins most categories in which he is eligible in Rolling Stone's annual poll.

January 1986

Again Bruce is elected Artist of the Year in Rolling Stone's poll, just as he wins just about every other category.

January 1987

For the third time in a row Bruce is elected Artist of the Year in the Rolling Stone poll.

January 23 1994

Bruce wins a Golden Globe Award for "Streets of Philadelphia".

March 21 1994

Bruce wins an Oscar for "Streets of Philadelphia" and performs the song live with members of his 1992-93 touring band.

September 8 1994

"Streets of Philadelphia" wins the award for Best Song from a Movie at MTV's Music Awards and he performs the song live. He also announces that he is almost done with a new album, but this is the album which will never see the light of day.

March 25 1996

Bruce interrupts his European tour to go back to the States and perform "Dead Man Walkin'" at the Oscars. The song, though nominated, does not win the Oscar.

February 26 1997

The Ghost of Tom Joad wins a Grammy for "Best Contemporary Folk Album". Bruce performs the title track.