The Bruce Springsteen Timeline

July 27 1976

Bruce files suit against his manager, Mike Appel, whom he accuses of fraud, among other things. Two days later Mike Appel files countersuit, and the whole thing ends up in a lawsuit which will last until the next spring and which prevents Bruce from entering a recording studio.

May 28 1977

Bruce and Mike Appel make an out-of-court settlement, which means that Bruce gets full control of his music.

July 1978

Jon Landau officially becomes Bruce's manager.

August 24 1978

Bruce appears on the cover of Rolling Stone for the first, but far from last, time.

April 1979

On a motorcycle trip, Bruce crashes into a tree and injures his leg, forcing him to stay in bed for three weeks. The accident creates a rumor that he has been killed.

September 19 1984

President Reagan mentions Bruce in a campaign speech in Hammonton, NJ. A couple of days later Bruce makes a bitter reply from a concert stage in Pittsburgh. From then on he also makes a point of supporting local food banks and other organizations working for the homeless wherever the tour brings them.

May 13 1985

Back in the States again, Bruce marries actress Julianne Philips in a private ceremony in Oregon.

February 1986

Bruce turns down a $12 million offer from Chrysler president Lee Iaccoca to use "Born in the USA" in a commercial.

March 1 1989

Bruce and Julianne's divorce is official.

September 23 1989

Bruce celebrates his 40th birthday at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, where he dances with his mother and performs with most of the E Street Band.