The Bruce Springsteen Timeline

May 9 1992

The first public performance of the new band takes place in the Saturday Night Live studios in New York when Bruce on the same occasion does his first live US television appearance.

June 5 1992

In a rehearsal show broadcast all over the world from "a secret place" in California, the world at large gets its first glimpse of what the upcoming and eagerly awaited tour will be like. And what they hear is a rock and gospel oriented band playing mostly the new material, but with an old hit thrown in here and there for good measure. Bruce himself is a calmer and clearly more settled version of himself who is able to make fun of himself and the two new albums' bad faring on the charts.

September 22 1992

Bruce records a show for MTV. The show was initially going to be part of MTV's Unplugged series, but Bruce instead plugs in and does his regular show with the new band.

March 23 1993

A rehearsal show for a new European tour with the new band in Red Bank, NJ, becomes an unexpected turning point for Bruce's live performances. He not only pulls out songs he hasn't played since the early Seventies, if at all, he also includes songs from his unreleased catalogue which have only been released on bootleg. Moreover, a large part of the show is solo acoustic, indicating where Bruce is headed in the future. But the essence is that after years of relatively predictable and well thought-out live shows setlist-wise, Bruce suddenly loosens up and becomes completely unpredictable.

June 24 1993

To round off the tour Bruce does two benefit shows in New Jersey and New York City respectively. The show at the Meadowlands in New Jersey is called the "Concert to Fight Hunger" and turns into a four-hour party with lots of guest stars and setlist surprises. Among the guests are Clarence Clemons, Max Weinberg and Little Steven. Along with regular band member Roy Bittan they represent more than half of the E Street Band, raising hope for some that Bruce may already be considering a reunion.

June 26 1993

The second of the two benefit shows and the last show with the new band. The show is in support of the Kristin Ann Carr fund, but it becomes a sad farewell to the tour when guest star Terence Trent D'Arby is booed by parts of the audience. An angry Bruce rushes through the rest of the show and thus ends the 1992-93 World Tour and the experiment with a different band. For most fans the tour has been worthwhile, but frustrations have been heard throughout about the lack of new direction and the "similar, only not as good" versions of older songs.

February 21 1995

Bruce and the reunited band take the stage at Tramps in New York to film a video for "Murder Incorporated" in front of an invited audience. The video shoot turns into a two-hour gig with lots of old songs being played.

July 9 1995

In an odd move, Bruce suddenly turns up at Cafe Eckstein in Berlin, Germany, to shoot a video for "Hungry Heart". A hastily assembled band consisting of German rock singer Wolfgang Niedecken and other German musicians constitute the backing band at what turns into an hour long gig. Other rumored appearances in European cities never materialize. Instead Bruce spends his holiday on the Canary Islands with Tom Hanks.

November 8 1996

Bruce plays a benefit show at his old high school in Freehold, NJ. The show is for Freehold residents only, and Bruce premieres a song about the town simply called "Freehold", just as many other one-offs are included in the set.

November 24-26 1996

Bruce plays three benefit shows at the Paramount Theater in Asbury Park. The shows turn into a revival of old times when Bruce is guested by old band members and friends and he pulls many songs from his first albums not normally included in the tour.