The Bruce Springsteen Timeline

July 31 2012

Ending the European tour on the highest note possible, Bruce does his longest show ever in Helsinki, Finland. It clocks in at just over four hours, and that doesn't even include Bruce's surprise acoustic appearance before the actual show, in front of a few early arrivers. The new record length show doesn't come out of nowhere. Several shows on the European tour came close to the four-hour mark and saw a re-energized Bruce who was seemingly in the shape of his lifetime.

September 22-23 2012

The last of three shows at the new MetLife Stadium in New Jersey is postponed several hours due to a heavy thunderstorm. The show finally gets underway and ends well into Bruce's 63rd birthday.

September 12-21 2013

Bruce's first visit to South America since the Human Rights Now! Tour in 1988 begins in Santiago, Chile, and also includes Argentina and Brazil. The last of the four South American shows sees Bruce and the band perform at the gigantic Rock in Rio festival. The show is broadcast on TV and is also the last show of the Wrecking Ball Tour.

January 26 2014

A couple of weeks after the release of the High Hopes album, Bruce and the E Street Band head to South Africa for their first shows in the country ever and their first appearance on the African continent since the HUman Rights Now! Tour in 1988. The tour may in Bruce's mind be a continuation of the Wrecking Ball Tour, but is in most places referred to as the High Hopes Tour. The band includes Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine. Bruce and the band play four shows in South Africa opening all of them with a cover of Jerry Dammers' "Free Nelson Mandela".

April 23 2016

Following the shocking death of Prince two days previously, Bruce opens the show in Brooklyn, NY, with a heart-wrenching cover of "Purple Rain".