The Bruce Springsteen Timeline

January 20 1988

Bruce inducts Bob Dylan into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame.

February 25 1988

The Tunnel of Love Express Tour, announced earlier that month, commences in Worcester, MA. The tour not only includes the E Street Band, but also a horn section.

March-June 1988

The tour rolls through the United States with mostly indoor shows at big arenas.

June 11 1988

The Express Tour continues in Europe in Turin, Italy.

June 15-16 1988

The tour reaches Rome. It is during the band's stay here that a paparazzo gets a shot of Bruce (wearing only underpants) and Patti Scialfa sharing an intimate moment. The picture confirms what has been rumored almost since the beginning of the tour: Bruce and Patti are having an affair.

June 18 1988

Bruce performs four acoustic songs at an anti-racist benefit in Paris, only sided by Clarence. The performance is broadcast live on French TV making this the first time Bruce performs on live TV.

July 3 1988

For the first time since 1978 a Bruce show is broadcast on the radio when the first set of the Stockholm show can be heard on radio stations all over the world. During the broadcast Bruce announces his participation in Amnesty International's Human Rights Now! Tour later that year.

July 19 1988

For the first time in his career Bruce plays a show behind the Iron Curtain. The show takes place in East Berlin. It is also Bruce's largest crowd to date, numbering 180,000 people. Most of the show is broadcast on East German TV, another first for Bruce.

July 23 1988

Scaling things down a bit after East Berlin, Bruce plays three songs with a street musician on the streets of Copenhagen. The event is filmed by a lucky guy with a camcorder.

August 3 1988

The Tunnel of Love Express Tour ends in Barcelona, Spain. Rumored shows in New Jersey never materialize. This is the first tour where Bruce doesn't play in his home state. The tour was also the last real tour with the E Street Band until 1999. It was characterized by a very fixed setlist and a rather staged structure. But little by little the Tunnel of Love songs and the lesser known older songs that the set was dominated by were replaced by more hit material.