The Bruce Springsteen Timeline

May 6 1992

The new band, minus the singers, who haven't been recruited yet, plays its first gig. It's a closed concert for Sony executives at the Bottom Line in New York.

May 9 1992

The first public performance of the new band takes place in the Saturday Night Live studios in New York when Bruce on the same occasion does his first live US television appearance.

June 5 1992

In a rehearsal show broadcast all over the world from "a secret place" in California, the world at large gets its first glimpse of what the upcoming and eagerly awaited tour will be like. And what they hear is a rock and gospel oriented band playing mostly the new material, but with an old hit thrown in here and there for good measure. Bruce himself is a calmer and clearly more settled version of himself who is able to make fun of himself and the two new albums' bad faring on the charts.

June 15 1992

Bruce's first tour in four years premieres in Stockholm, Sweden, under huge media coverage. A nervous band makes it safely through the three-hour show, but the reception from the fans is mixed, with most people craving more old songs. One of the old songs missing is "Born to Run", for the first time since 1975, but a few days later it reappears in Milan, Italy, and will become a regular throughout the tour.

June 23-August 12 1992

After a brief European tour, Bruce is back in New Jersey for his first shows there since 1985. The eleven shows at the Meadowlands constitute a new direction when Bruce continues to introduce older songs at the expense of the new ones.

September 22 1992

Bruce records a show for MTV. The show was initially going to be part of MTV's Unplugged series, but Bruce instead plugs in and does his regular show with the new band.

October 1992

The tour continues, now once again with more emphasis on the material from the new albums even though they have dropped off the Top 200 and are considered failures.

November 18 1992

Bruce's MTV Plugged show is broadcast for the first time.

December 17 1992

The North American tour ends in Lexington, KY.

January 13 1993

Bruce inducts Creedence Clearwater Revival into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame and performs with John Fogerty.