The Bruce Springsteen Timeline

January 11 2009

Bruce wins his second Golden Globe award of his career when "The Wrestler" becomes the best song in a movie.

January 13 2009

Before the launch of Working on a Dream, Bruce just has time to put out a new Greatest Hits album as an exclusive Wal-Mart release. The album, timed to coincide with Bruce and the E Street Band's SuperBowl halftime performance, is met with a huge backlash from fans, who feel Wal-Mart's business style goes against everything Bruce stands for. Bruce later admits the release was a mistake.

January 17 2009

A few days before Obama's inauguration as president of the United States, Bruce participates in a tribute concert at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. In front of half a million people (his biggest crowd to date) he does "The Rising" backed by a gospel choir and helps out Pete Seeger on "This Land Is Your Land".

January 26-27 2009

The Working on a Dream album is released worldwide to mostly positive reviews, but very mixed fan reactions.

February 1 2009

Bruce and the E Street Band perform for 12 minutes during the SuperBowl halftime show. Clarence is just out of the hospital bed after another surgery and can barely walk, but no one notices during this high-energy performance that incudes the new "Working on a Dream" as well as "Tenth Avenue", "Born to Run" and "Glory Days".

March 2009

Bruce and the E Street Band begin rehearsals for a new tour just six months after the last one ended.

March 19 2009

Bruce appears for the first time on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Stewart, a declared fan of Springsteen, spends most of the time praising Bruce, but at the end Bruce gets to perform an acoustic version of "Working on a Dream".

March 23-24 2009

Two public rehearsal shows take place at the Convention Hall in Asbury Park.

April 1 2009

The second E Street Band tour in two years is officially kicked off in San Jose, CA. The show includes six songs from the new album, but the number will quickly be reduced to only three or four as Bruce chooses to focus more on songs that fit better with recession and crisis than the light, up-beat Working on a Dream songs. The band has been expanded with two singers, Curtis King and Cindy Mizelle from the Seeger Sessions Band.

April-May 2009

The tour covers the US and Canada. The setlist quickly loosens up, and Bruce continues his habit from the Magic Tour of collecting signs for a "Stump the band" section. The band does numerous rarely or never played songs on that account, including obscure cover songs. Some of the shows see Max Weinberg's son Jay stepping in for his dad for part of the show, in preparation for the first part of the European tour, where Max Weinberg will be absent due to his commitment with Conan O'Brien.