The Bruce Springsteen Timeline

August 6 1974

The "number one pop song of all time" (according to a BBC Radio One poll in 1995), "Born to Run", is recorded. Or at least, on this date some of the tracks are put down. The recording of the song probably stretched over several days.

September 19 1974

After having been hired via an ad in the Village Voice, Max Weinberg and Roy Bittan join the E Street Band, replacing Ernest Carter and David Sancious on drums and piano respectively.

Fall 1974

Bruce tours extensively. At some point during the fall, the band is expanded to include violinist Suki Lahav who will remain part of the live shows until March 1975.

March-July 1975

The Born to Run sessions take place at the Record Plant in New York. During the sessions Bruce's new friend, Jon Landau, will take on an increasingly bigger role as producer at Mike Appel's expense. The sessions also lead to Steve Van Zandt's joining the E Street Band.

July 20 1975

The Born to Run tour begins, six weeks prior to the album's release.

August 13-17 1975

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band perform perhaps the most important shows of their career. The shows take place at the Bottom Line in New York City and are attended by everybody who is anybody, and one show is broadcast on the radio. With these performances Bruce manages to create lots of converts among the music industry and the music press, and they are an important factor in turning him into a star.

September 1 1975

Born to Run is released.

October 27 1975

Bruce appears simultaneously on the covers of Time and Newsweek.

November 18 1975

Bruce and the band commence on their first European tour ever, playing four shows in three cities. It is before the first of these shows that Bruce runs through the concert hall tearing down posters with the words "Finally London is ready for Bruce Springsteen".

December 31 1975

A New Year's Eve show at the Tower Theater in Philadelphia puts an end to the Born to Run tour.