The Bruce Springsteen Timeline

April 21-22 2017

Bruce makes surprise appearances two nights in a row at the Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park. On April 21 he joins a lineup of former regulars from the Upstage Club during the Asbury Park Music & Film Festival. He's on stage for most of the show, but only takes the lead vocals for "Lucille".

The next night Bruce joins Little Steven for two songs during the latter's show at the same venue.

April 28 2017

Bruce is once again in the company of Tom Hanks, this time for another interview in front of an audience in connection with the publication of Bruce autobiography. The event takes place at the Beacon Theater in New York.

October 3 2017

Bruce begins a long stand of shows at the Walter Kerr Theatre on Broadway. The first several shows are rehearsal shows or invitation only.

October 12 2017

The official opener of Bruce's "Springsteen on Broadway" show that will play five times a week at the Walter Kerr Theater on Broadway in New York. The show features the exact same setlist every night consisting of acoustic versions of some of Bruce's best known songs. The songs are intertwined with anecdotes and memories, often culled from his autobiography. Patti Scialfa is on stage for two songs every night. The show receives rave reviews from fans and press alike, but with most tickets costing more than $500 and some as expensive as $850, Bruce also receives harsh criticism from fans who have no chance of attending even if they get a chance to buy a ticket, which in itself is a difficult process. Still, of course, all show sell out instantly.

January 9 2018

After 60 shows in 2017 "Springsteen on Broadway" continues throughout 2018 with another 150+ shows.

July 17-18 2018

Two shows are added to the Springsteen on Broadway stand for the purpose of filming and recording them. Only contest winners and invitees are present as director Thom Zimney and his crew document this period in Bruce's career.

December 14 2018

Springsteen on Broadway is released as a double live cd containing recordings from the July 17 and 18 shows.

December 15 2018

The final curtain of Springsteen on Broadway happens on this night. The Broadway stand has consisted of 238 shows at the Walter Kerr Theater in New York. The setlists have been identical except for very few variations, particularly when Patti Scialfa has been absent. This final night sees no changes to that patterns as Bruce performs his usual set.

December 16 2018

Springsteen on Broadway premieres on Netflix. Appearing as one show, it contains footage from both the July 17 and 18 shows.

June 14 2019

Bruce's first studio album in five years, Western Stars, is released. The album is a solo effort, but featuring strings, horns, and otherwise sparse instrumentation. According to Bruce, it draws inspiration in part from the Southern California pop records of the late 60s and early 70s