The Bruce Springsteen Timeline

January 3 1982

In his bedroom at his home in Holmdel, NJ, Bruce records most of what will become the Nebraska album on a four-track tape recorder.

March 1982

Bruce brings in the E Street Band to help Gary U.S. Bonds in the studio with his new album. Bruce writes seven songs for the album and is credited as producer along with Steve Van Zandt.

April 1982

Bruce enters the studio to record the follow-up to The River. The songs he recorded on January 3 are used as demos to these sessions, but only a few of them work out satisfactorily with the band. These include "Born in the USA" and "Downbound Train".

Summer 1982

Simultaneously with the Born in the USA sessions, Bruce makes an unprecedented number of guest appearances with various bands at Jersey Shore bars. Sometimes he can be experienced onstage several times a week with a local band (on at least one occassion twice in one day). Most of these gigs take place at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, and the band Cats on a Smooth Surface is among his favorites. On a lesser scale, the club performances will continue for the rest of the year and through 1983.

October 4 1982

Nebraska is released the way it was recorded back in January.

December 22 1982

Bruce's first real music video premieres on MTV. The chosen song is "Atlantic City". Bruce himself does not appear in it.