The Bruce Springsteen Timeline

Spring 1984

Bruce and the band work extensively on the new album. By April when the sessions end, 80-100 songs have been recorded since 1982. Of these only 12 will be used on the album, plus a few more as b-sides.

May 9 1984

"Dancing in the Dark" is released as the first single to promote the upcoming album. The single helps build up the immense excitement and expectations that fuel the music world around this time.

June 4 1984

Born in the USA is released. It is Bruce's most commercial album to date and it's ripped from the shelves by fans as well as many casual listeners whose first exposure to Bruce has been the "Dancing in the Dark" single.

June 29 1984

The Born in the USA Tour begins in St. Paul, MN. Steve Van Zandt is officially out of the band and has been replaced by Nils Lofgren. The band has also been expanded with backup singer Patti Scialfa.

July 7 1984

Born in the USA goes number one on the Billboard chart. It will stay there for seven weeks and stay in the Top 10 for an incredible 85 weeks in total.

August 5-20 1984

Ten shows at the Meadowlands in New Jersey mark the homecoming of the Born in the USA Tour. The shows are of course sold out in a matter of hours, as are all the other shows on the tour. The last of the ten shows, a 33-song, four-hour marathon, is further fueled in intensity by the appearances of both the Miami Horns and Miami Steve Van Zandt.

September 19 1984

President Reagan mentions Bruce in a campaign speech in Hammonton, NJ. A couple of days later Bruce makes a bitter reply from a concert stage in Pittsburgh. From then on he also makes a point of supporting local food banks and other organizations working for the homeless wherever the tour brings them.

October 19 1984

The show in Tacoma, WA, is the first one since 1974 which does not include "Rosalita".

Fall 1984

Bruce and the band tour the US and Canada for the rest of the year.