The Bruce Springsteen Timeline

January 5 1994

Bruce and Patti's third child, Sam Ryan, is born.

January 19 1994

Bruce sings "Come Together" with Axl Rose at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame.

January 23 1994

Bruce wins a Golden Globe Award for "Streets of Philadelphia".

March 21 1994

Bruce wins an Oscar for "Streets of Philadelphia" and performs the song live with members of his 1992-93 touring band.

Spring-summer 1994

Bruce is working on a new album, which will never be released. He is also helping old friend Joe Grushecky out in the studio producing his new album American Babylon.

September 8 1994

"Streets of Philadelphia" wins the award for Best Song from a Movie at MTV's Music Awards and he performs the song live. He also announces that he is almost done with a new album, but this is the album which will never see the light of day.