The Bruce Springsteen Timeline

July 30 2007

Bruce's close friend and personal assistant, Terry Magovern, passes away. Bruce writes a song about him called "Terry's Song" that he performs at his memorial service and later includes on the Magic album.

September 2007

Rehearsals for an upcoming E Street Band tour begin in Asbury Park.

September 24 2007

Bruce and the E Street Band perform together for the first time since the Vote For Change Tour in the first of three public rehearsal shows.

September 28 2007

In a rare morning appearance, Bruce and the band perform live from Rockefeller Plaza in New York during the Today Show on NBC. A couple of the songs from the yet-to-be-released Magic album are debuted live for the public.

October 1-2 2007

The Magic album is released worldwide. Recorded with the E Street Band in Atlanta at producer Brendan O'Brien's studio, the album is a mostly hard-rocking response to the political climate of the United States under George W. Bush.

October 3 2007

The Magic Tour has its official kick-off at the Civic Center in Hartford, CT, in a show that focuses on the new album, but also sees a drastically reworked "Reason to Believe", not to mention Patti Scialfa taking the spotlight for the centerpiece on her new album "Town Called Heartbreak". The show is fast-paced and relatively short at only about 2 hours 15 minutes.

October 7 2007

Bruce makes his first appearance on the popular news show 60 Minutes.

November 8 2007

On a night off from the tour, Bruce performs at the Stand Up For Heroes benefit in New York. Apart from performing a short acoustic set, he auctions off one of his motorcycles and tells jokes.

November 19 2007

Danny Federici performs what will be his last full show with the E Street Band. After this Boston show, which is also the last of the first US leg of the tour, what fans already knew is confirmed: Danny will take a leave of absence to be treated for melanoma cancer. Charles Giordani of the Seeger Sessions Band will fill in as keyboard player.

November 25 2007

A three-week tour of Europe kicks off in Madrid. This is Charlie Giordani's first show with the E Street Band.