The Bruce Springsteen Timeline

January 14 2014

Bruce releases the album High Hopes, which is an odds and sods compilation of leftover songs and covers from the previous decade. Some of the material is re-recorded or embellished with guitar work by Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine. A cover of The Saints' "Just Like Fire Would" was recorded in Australia during the Wrecking Ball Tour. The album leaves many fans scratching their heads due to its patchy make-up.

January 26 2014

A couple of weeks after the release of the High Hopes album, Bruce and the E Street Band head to South Africa for their first shows in the country ever and their first appearance on the African continent since the HUman Rights Now! Tour in 1988. The tour may in Bruce's mind be a continuation of the Wrecking Ball Tour, but is in most places referred to as the High Hopes Tour. The band includes Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine. Bruce and the band play four shows in South Africa opening all of them with a cover of Jerry Dammers' "Free Nelson Mandela".

February 5 2014

The tour continues with Bruce's second visit to Australia in a year, this time playing 11 shows in three weeks. New Zealand is also added to the tour itinerary for the first time since 2003. Steve Van Zandt is absent during this part of the tour and won't return until the final show in the US in May due to other commmitments.

April 19 2014

Bruce's releases a vinyl EP, American Beauty, for Record Store Day including three previously unreleased songs recorded with the E Street Band.

April 10 2014

The E Street Band is inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in the "Musical Excellence" category. Bruce delivers the induction speech and perform three songs with them. They are joined by alumnis Vini Lopez and David Sancious.

April-May 2014

The High Hopes Tour continues with 17 shows in the US. When the last note is played in Uncasville on May 18, it marks the end of more than two years of touring with the new incarnation of the E Street Band without Clarence Clemons.

May-June 2014

After the High Hopes Tour Bruce heads to Europe for six weeks with his family to watch his daughter Jessica participate in show jumping competetitions. On May 29 he also performs himself in Lisbon, joining the Rolling Stones at their Rock in Rio show. It is during this vacation that Bruce again suffers from depression, according to his 2016 autobiography.

November-December 2014

After several months of laying low, Bruce resurfaces in November for a couple of benefit shows. In December he substitutes Bono for a World AIDS Day benefit performance on Time Square in New York. Bono is recovering from a bicycle accident, so instead Bruce fronts the rest of U2 for two of their classics. Bruce ends the year by performing in honor of Sting at he Kennedy Center Awards show in Washington DC.